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Intensive feeding in the first weeks after birth has a positive effect on the entire lifetime output. Up to the fortieth day of the calf's life, the foundations are laid to ensure that the genetic potential can be fully exploited.
As a specialist in calf feeding, Förster-Technik offers you the 40FIT Technology:
Innovative products and concepts that optimally support the growth of your calves at this crucial stage and can also be used in existing calf feeders. This creates the perfect conditions for healthy, high-yielding, longliving cows and more efficient dairy farming.
Feeding in the early raising period influences the yield characteristics more strongly than breeding does.
The first 40 days of life are so important because that's when tissues and organs grow as a result of cell division. After that, it's the volume of the cells, rather than the number of cells, that grows. This means that the foundation stone for high lifetime yields is laid in this early phase of life. The character of the metabolic rate, the metabolic programming, also takes place during this period and has a life-long effect.
Everything you need to raise your calves you get from Förster-Technik and the 40FIT partners.
So that more milk sooner will yield more milk later.