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Smart Drink Station

Smart Drink Station is an advanced version of a feeding station linked to the Förster-Technik automatic feeders. The teat is movable and for the first time spring mounted. This enables the calf to execute its natural suckling action as it would on a cow which is an indicator of calf’s vitality. These movements are recorded electronically during suckling via acceleration sensors and transmitted to the automatic feeder. Combined with other data determined in the Smart Calf System, this provides valuable insights into the animal's health and development. As an additional “smart" feature of the new feeding station a temperature sensor is integrated directly on the teat. Thus, too cold or too hot portions can be prevented.


An automatic cleaning of the suction hose is provided, too. This is achieved via a switch valve directly on the teat. Thus, no uncleaned spots remain in the milk line, and no milk must be pumped in a circle. The new Smart Drink Station is also available for folding up. Especially with all-in / all-out housing systems this function saves labor because the manure removal by means of a front loader is facilitated.