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Smart Neckband

Smart Neckband is a fitness collar for calves.
Förster-Technik GmbH presents in Hannover a highly innovative electronic collar first time specifically for calves. The collars have a radio link to the automatic feeder or via an Internet gateway to the cloud. Together with the Smart Drink Station and the automatic feeders they enable automated monitoring of the health and development of the  calves. An indicator LED and a feedback button on the collar allow simple and effective workflows.


An acceleration sensor continuously records the calf's activity. This is combined with the data from the automatic feeders and the acceleration data of the teat in the Smart Drink Station to enable conclusions about the health and development state of each animal.


An LED light on top of the neck section can be controlled by the system and provides the farmer with access to variable information directly on the animal. For example, this allows alarm animals, animals with an increased risk of illness, or animals for treatment to be easily identified by lighting of the LEDs. The system is also suitable for easy search of individual animals in the group, by showing the number of the animal and the LED light will light up there. These functions are possible on the handheld of the automatic feeder or on the Förster-Technik "CalfApp".

Performance of control or treatment measures can be confirmed using a magnetic switch directly on the neckband. The confirmation is sent back by radio. This ensures immediate and error-free documentation without any additional work. The collars can be used for new calves repeatedly; the battery may be changed by the user. With the Smart Neckband each calf is equipped with sensors and workflow components, with full access from the personal CalfCloud of the farmer. Thus, in reference to the term "Internet of things" here we can speak about the "Internet of calves".