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With the right equipment, you can make your automatic feeders into a complete feeding and management system to meet the highest standards.

CalfApp & CalfCloud

The CalfApp and CalfCloud are a reliable management tool for the modern farmer, with which the calves and calf feeders can be quickly and easily monitored from whatever location. They are the perfect complement to the "smart" calf feeder generation, which can be connected as a standard via Ethernet directly to a wireless network or the Internet.


The CalfApp can be downloaded for free from Google Play and iTunes. It is available for Android 4.4+ and iOS as of version 8.0 under!calfApp .


The CalfCloud and the corresponding demo data can be accessed via



Benefits of CalfApp and CalfCloud:

  • All calf and calf feeder data at a glance
  • Rapid and easy monitoring
  • Accurate individual animal data
  • Usage of a mobile device

Additional benefits of CalfApp:

  • Operation of the automatic calf feeder
  • In the wireless network the calves and calf feeders can be monitored from whatever location.

Additional benefits of CalfCloud:

  • Worldwide the calves and calf feeders can be monitored from whatever location.
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Remote maintenance by the service technician
Modern and appealing design
All calf and calf feeder data at a glance
Animal-specific data just a click away
Consumption information also displayed graphically

CalfRail (for Vario)

With traditional bucket feeding, intensive raising of calves in individual pens is not feasible at a reasonable cost.
CalfRail offers technical solution for automatically feeding individually penned calves animal by animal, in small, freshly prepared servings up to eight times a day. This creates the conditions for intensive raising in the very first days of life.

SynchroFeed (for Vario)

Thanks to SynchroFeed, feed can be dispensed to up to 4 feeding stations simultaneously. This allows you to feed up to 120 calves using just one automatic feeder.

Automatic calibration system

Fluctuating bulk weight of milk powders can lead to changes in the concentration. In the worst case milk powder deficits lead to poor weight gain or diarrhea while excess milk powder consumption leads to unnecessarily high feed costs. The patented calibration scale located under the mixer automatically checks the dosage weight of all feed components during feeding and, if necessary, corrects them.


The MultiReader identification is designed for the highly stressed regions in the calf barn. Via the push-button integrated in the antenna box, the training pump can be activated directly from the feeding station. The additionally integrated LED provides information on the feed entitlement of the calf. This is particularly important and comfortable when the display of the automatic feeder cannot be viewed from the calf area.

Teat cleaning

The teat cleaning is an extension for calves kept in group pens.

By means of a pump and two nozzles, the teat is rinsed and cleaned from outside after feeding using water or cleaning additives. The cleaning process is triggered by a sensor located on the teat and is performed automatically whenever a calf stops feeding. The start times and cleaning duration can be set using the control unit.

Concentrate feeder

To ensure that your calves grow into strong and healthy animals, it is recommended to feed them high-quality concentrate. At the concentrate feeder, the calves receive concentrate that is always fresh, and adjusted individually to them and their development. The amount each calf has consumed is registered in the automatic feeder and can also be displayed. Automatic weaning off milk can be activated: as soon as the concentrate consumption reaches a certain threshold, e.g. 1 kg per day, the feed quantity is automatically reduced.

The flex 100 partition

Because of its stable pipe design made of galvanized steel, the partition will withstand even the harshest abuse in the pen. Four support feet are included and ensure the partition remains firmly on the ground. The teat remains easy to recognize between the pipes so calves can quickly find their way to the suction point. Whether for affixing a collar or an ear tag identification, left or right, Flex100 flexibly adapts to all situations.


CalfProtect is an extension for feeding stations that prevents calves from sucking their neighbor after feed intake. At the same time CalfProtect safeguards the calves in the feeding station against sucking calves.

The grating gate automatically closes via pneumatic cylinder as soon as a calf with feed entitlement enters the station. Beforehand, the calf can easily see the teat and has unhindered access to the station. Therefore, the visit remains stress-free also for young calves. CalfProtect can be easily retrofitted and is compatible with the standard drinking stations.

Electronic animal scale

With the electronic front-feet animal scale, you can easily track and monitor each individual calf’s weight as they grow – right at the feeding station. Based on the scale data, every animal is apportioned feed individually and according to its own weight growth; it also incorporates consumption of concentrate and TMR into the weight.

PC program KalbManagerWIN

The PC program KalbManagerWIN allows you to conveniently take full advantage of animal monitoring using tables and graphs, right from your desk, and access an overview of the entire raising period just by clicking the mouse. KalbManagerWIN always gives you online access to the current data from the pen. At the same time KalbManagerWIN offers you the ability to network multiple automatic feeders with one another.

Android App NetTerminal mobile

This app makes it possible to quickly monitor animals and automatic feeders using a smartphone or tablet PC wherever you happen to be. The app is available from GooglePlay.

Further accessories

  • Precision doser for powder additives
  • Dosing pump for liquid additives and detergent
  • Fly screen
  • Thermal vapor barriers
  • Extension for 2nd feeding station
  • Fresh milk tank with stirrer
  • Heating cable
  • Additional heating of the suction hose
  • Gradient control for lower-lying stations
  • PC program „NetTerminal Plus“
  • Förster Gateway CAN ethernet

    For Vario+

  • Pneumatic teat slider
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger and valve with detergent dosing pump
  • Profi kit for combi and fresh milk feeders
  • Pulsating compressed air cleaning
  • Powder hopper attachment for 50 kg capacity