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CalfRail 2.0

With traditional bucket feeding, intensive raising of calves in individual pens is not feasible at a reasonable cost. Now there is an automated solution allowing intensive feeding of individually penned calves in animal-specific quantities in small, freshly prepared portions up to eight times a day: CalfRail. Calves can be trained and fed via CalfRail right after the colostrum feeding, creating ideal conditions for intensive raising from the very first days of life.

CalfRail is controlled by and supplied from the Vario+ automatic feeder. This eliminates work to prepare, transport and administer feed as well as manual cleaning of buckets and equipment. Animal control and care are flexibly integrated into the workflow. The automatic feeder delivers key data required for optimum calf management – such as feed consumption and drinking speed – at the push of a button.
Often the calves are kept only for the first 14 days in individual pens and are then housed in groups. No problem for the automatic feeder Vario, which also provides the group calves with feed via feeding stations with animal identification.