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CalfRail – Deployed by the Agrar-Genossenschaft EG Zodel

"After 25 years it was time to replace the calf feeder line. Previously the Igloo calves had been bucket-fed with whole milk three times a day. Changing the feeding regime over to powder and introducing the new device eliminated a lot of manual work. The best thing though is that the calves now get milk of even temperature in the winter. The 40FIT program enables us to raise calves applying the latest scientific insights. Changing the supplemental feed ration increased daily gain significantly in the raising period up to 100 days."
Farm profile
Assistant Facility Manager:
Yvonne Günther
Location, state:
Neißeaue, Saxony
Farming type:
Animal production
(dairy cattle + breeding)
Plant production
Animal breed:
Number of dairy cows:
Number of calves per year:
approx. 350
Calf feeding equipment:
One automatic feeder for one CalfRail unit
One automatic feeder incl.
4x pump unit for four calf groups 
CalfRail in use since:
July 2013