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Pasteurizer for raw milk

The type-tested KompaktPasteur from Förster-Technik is the sole small pasteurizer for raw milk. It opens up new sales perspectives to direct marketing and provides dairy farms, at a time when the milk powder prices are continuously dropping, an opportunity to start up with this kind of marketing.

Special features of KompaktPasteur:

  • Gentle pasteurization due to accurate temperature control and adherence to heat holding time
  • Compact design and therefore little space requirement
  • Easy to handle
  • Fully automatic pasteurization
  • Little energy demand thanks to efficient two-stage heat recovery
  • Power requirement 16 A is enough
  • Pasteurization of very small quantities (as of 5 L)
  • Easy to clean and little detergent consumption due to simple pipe system
  • Flexible in use, also suitable for fruit and vegetable juices