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Over 40 years automatically better

Foundation of an engineering office specialized in the construction of new automatic feeders.
1977 Start of the own production of ad libitum automatic feeders for calves and lambs. Within a very short time Förster-Technik establishes itself among many other manufacturers in Germany.
1990-1995  Market launch of the Stand Alone with the first integrated processor control for automatic calf feeders. 1995 Förster-Technik extends the product range by the drinking and feeding systems for piglets.
1999-2004 Förster-Technik receives numerous awards from the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and the German Agricultural Publisher (DLV).
2004 With the automatic calf feeder Vario, the company heralds a new era of automatic feeders.
2005 Generation change: Markus and Thomas Förster take over the position as CEOs from their parents Martin and Hildegard Förster.
2008 Förster-Technik is presenting the new parallel feeding system SynchroFeed and the Multilyser for the determination of milk progesterone.
2011 40-year anniversary
2012 The 40FIT-Technology and CalfRail are presented at the EuroTier2012